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However, the first thing we want to do is to be certain that you have learned about the general rules of essay writing. We want to share them with you. Thus, you will be able to do outstanding papers on your own. Our job, in this case, is to take a look to be 100% certain that everything is fine. So let’s see how essays are created. An essay is a small-length academic paper with a free composition that expresses an individual impression and reflections on a specific matter, phenomenon, or thing. This paper type is not intended to present a clarifying or complete interpretation of a matter. Simply put, a paper is a small-size text, the author of which has total freedom of writing. Well, almost total freedom because there are some typical rules, which are necessary to consider. Give us an opportunity to help you with your papers and you will be impressed! With our privacy policy, you get only quality papers but also can be sure the assigned writer delivered confidential service.

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Not only accumulated knowledge of grammar and vocabulary but also attentiveness will help create a good paper. Before starting to work on a text, study carefully the task, and understand what is required from you. Every essay usually has some keywords that can become the basis of your text. You can often find these words in the task text. So read it carefully and underline the words that can help you next.

As soon as you have defined the theme and opinions, you may proceed to the paper organization. Let’s look at a general plan of any paper that requires expressing two opposite views.

  • To define a problem and present your mind.
  • To state your mind and present logical reasons to support it.
  • To present the reasons that reflect the opposite mind.
  • To justify why you do not support the opposite mind.
  • To reach conclusions.

And now let’s discuss every paper part in more detail.

1) Beginning: to define a problem and express your mind. Many people make a big mistake – they just rewrite the task text and present a problem, in such a way. If you are anxious to get a high grade, learn about the laws of text beginning writing then:

  • To reword the main statement (i.e. topic presented in the task) with the help of synonyms and various grammatical structures.
  • To speak about your mind.
  • The aim of the initiating part is to draw readers’ attention and present the main information on a matter.

2) Basis. It consists of three points that must be presented in a paper:

  • To present your mind and provide reasons that support it.
  • To speak about the opposite mind.
  • To tell why you do not accept the opposite view.
  • When it is required to define your opinion on a matter, conduct a kind of thoughtful analysis of it. For this purpose, think about the proofs and facts that come to your mind that support both aspects of a matter. When you form your opinion, remember that it is crucial not only to express it but also to justify it. Here are the phrases to demonstrate and justify your opinion:
  1. I believe that …
  2. Personally, I feel that …
  3. Firstly, …
  4. Secondly, …
  5. It seems to me that …
  6. I would argue that …
  7. In addition, …
  8. I feel strongly that …
  9. Moreover, …
  10. I am greatly in favor of …
  11. In my opinion, …
  12. Besides, …
  13. I am completely opposed to …
  14. I tend to think that …
  15. I generally agree that …
  16. Furthermore …
  • Presenting the reasons that reflect the opposite mind. The next paragraph should be dedicated to the opposite opinion. In order to connect the previous paragraph with this one and achieve the logic of your statements, use the linking words that indicate the opposing views:
  1. However, …
  2. Despite the fact that …
  3. Furthermore …
  4. Nevertheless …
  5. Nonetheless …
  6. Anyway …
  • Justifying why you do not support the opposite mind. Here the closing point of a basic part goes. The task is to explain why you do not agree with the opposite opinion.

3) Reaching conclusions. The main function of the closing paper part is to draw conclusions that should be the same as the mind presented previously. Here it is required to use the words of logical connection:

  • To sum up …
  • In conclusion …
  • To conclude …
  • Overall, I think …

So we have just presented how a good essay should look like. Of course, if you want to get a high grade, you will need to try really hard. However, there is a much easier and more pleasant way – appeal to our professionals for assistance. We can do an outstanding paper for you quickly and at a cheap price. Contact us to learn more.

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Among the regular text creation rules, we can mention a single one – a title. The inner organization of a paper can be any. Due to the fact that it is a small paper type, it does not demand to repeat the conclusion in a closing paragraph. Conclusions can be introduced in the basic text or even in a title. Proofs can go before a problem set, and an examined problem can be the same as the eventual conclusion.

In comparison with an abstract that appeals to any reader, that starts with “I would like to speak about…” and finishes with “I have come to such conclusion…”, an essay is a line that appeals to a ready reader. A “ready reader” is the one who basically understands what it is going to be about. It lets the writer of the paper concentrate on exploring and presenting something new without “littering” the text with formal details.

Typical Paper Writing Mistakes Every Writer Should Avoid

In comparison with tests, this paper type does not offer a variety of answers. Text writing is not restricted by time, it can be rewritten as many times as you want, it is allowed asking your friend to read it, and so on. So benefit from all the opportunities and try to avoid general widespread errors.

  • A) Poor check. Do not be naïve thinking that it is only required to check orthography. Reread your paper one more time to be certain that there are not some ambiguous expressions, improper phrases, and so on. Statements that are better not to use: “The fact that I managed to resist drugs, alcohol and cigarettes makes me proud”; “It will be very exciting for me to work for your agency located in a beautiful place with many buildings in gothic style”. It does not sound nice at all, does it?
  • B) Tiring foreword. Lack of accurate data. A fascinating paper very often loses its good quality because an author just enumerates some statements without supporting them with examples. Ordinary clichés are characteristic for an essay: it is essential to work hard and be persistent, to learn from failures, etc.
  • C) Verbiage. Papers are usually restricted by a particular size, i.e. amount of words. That is why it is recommended to use this amount wisely and rationally. Sometimes it means to refuse from some materials or thoughts, especially if you have already spoken about them previously or if they do not have a direct relation to the subject. Such information only distracts a reader and overshadows the main topic of the paper.
  • D) Long sentences. The longer a sentence is the better – many authors think just like this. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Long statements do not demonstrate that an author is right, meanwhile, short ones usually have a more impressive effect. The best option is when long and short sentences appear alternately and sequentially, in a paper. Having finished, read the text aloud. If it feels like you are out of breath, divide a text into smaller parts. When your text is finished, do the following: mark every sentence with a letter S, M, or L. S for the sentences with fewer than 10 words, M for the sentence with fewer than 20 words, and L for the sentences with more than 20 words. The right text looks like M S M L M S or something like this. An incorrect text is like S S S M L L L. Do not make your paper heavy.

When creating a text, leave aside encyclopedic words. Their improper use distracts readers’ attention and diminishes the importance and value of a paper.

Also, being aware of the most common mistakes will help not make them when creating your own essay. These mistakes are:

Mistake #1. The fear of being misunderstood or not making the wanted impression makes an essay author remove everything excessive and great from a text. In such a way, an essay can lose its individuality and uniqueness.

Mistake #2. Not enough work on details. A common mistake is to make a statement that is not supported with enough arguments such as examples and proofs.

Mistake #3. Lack of understanding of the essence of a problem presented in a paper or incorrect interpretation of a topic.

Mistake #4. The listing of the thoughts of other people without mentioning their authorship and absence of one’s own point of view. In this case, we can even speak about plagiarism which is another big problem of many written texts and academic papers. By the way, our professionals know how to deal with the issue of plagiarism and will gladly assist you with it.

The beauty of an essay genre is in the absence of harsh restrictions. Total freedom of creation, the opportunity to express your mind and share your reflections, non-standard ways of a problem solution, and so on – all these are the features characteristic of an essay that make this genre attractive for a person creative who generates original ideas.

If you manage to avoid these errors, you will manage to interest your target audience. Are you certain that you can cope with it successfully? In any case, you can count on our experts who will assist you. We are well aware of how to create an error-free paper. Just entrust this work to us, and we will do everything competently.

The check of the first essay draft has great significance. Working on a draft, the first aim is to develop the arguments, polish main ideas, and put them in a strict order, supporting them with examples or auxiliary information, and so on. Having finished the first draft, let it rest a day or two, and after that, get back to work on refinement and improvement with a fresh look.

Dealing with text check, primarily focus on the following essential points:

  • 1) First and foremost, you should always keep in mind that an essay is a subjective genre, thus, its evaluation can also be subjective.
  • 2) No matter what problem you study or try to solve, you strive to achieve particular goals. It is expected that when you create a text, the following points will be considered: have I responded to a set question? How much clearly and accurately did I present my thoughts? Do the things I have written sound natural? Are mistakes detected and fixed?
  • 3) Communication and written speech skills. There is one more goal of a paper, which is to check whether you are able to express your thoughts on paper and whether you have good writing skills. It is essential to be able to present your thoughts in a written form correctly. It will come in handy in many life spheres and situations.

An improperly done essay will never do you any good. Today job seekers are often asked to write an essay. So this is another reason to polish your paper creation skills as early as possible.

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When creating a text, it is necessary not only to follow some formal rules but also to put a piece of yourself in it. There should be seen as the author’s individuality. The following thing is important – to be honest, sincere, unique, i.e. to be yourself. When we speak about an essay that graduates and job seekers need to write looking for a job, they often try to look like a leader, mature personality and forget about being just a person. If you insert a piece of something personal and unique, your writings will be more interesting, attractive, and captivating. Such papers will help be more noticeable in comparison with other candidates if this is your goal. The essay should be as individual as possible. It is boring to read a text that abounds in generalities and clichés.

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Everything written in an essay should be supported with examples. It is good if you can present some personal experience. Details turn your paper into an interesting and specific one. Specialists claim that students and people who look for work should not be afraid to go beyond the frames of familiar and ordinary. Demonstrate yourself. Students are often worried if they can make the desired impression, and that is why they remove from a paper all the things that make it outstanding. Students think that such essays are safe, but they are boring to read, in fact.

Humor is not always necessary and appropriate in a text. It is not obligatory to be funny to make a text interesting. Nevertheless, try to use all the means and facilities available to turn your writing into a great one. Humor is a powerful tool so use it properly. A sarcastic and daring manner is not acceptable. True humor is art, which is a sign of good taste and intelligence.

Honesty is the Key To Quality Paper Writing

An essay requires being honest, and the true state of affairs and things should be reflected. On the other hand, do not focus on something negative or some disadvantages. Honesty is expected from you but in a positive way. If you speak about yourself, speak positively about your traits of character then. So-called weak points should be presented like this: “it used to be my weakness but now it turned into my strength”.

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Everyone loves essays that are pleasant to read. Make sure that your text is easy to read. Devote some more time to it – be certain that the presented thoughts are coherent, that they lead to the logic closing of a question.

In your text, you present your own thoughts and ideas on a particular subject. You can make your essay look exactly as you want and imagine it. You are not a professional writer so do not worry that there can be some mistakes and inaccuracies. This is our job to help you fix them and make your paper a true masterpiece.

Please note that you need to pay attention to the academic level while writing. High school papers, for example, do not require a writer to have the same writing skills as PhD level writings, for example. When you choose the service on our website for your papers, you need to inform the writer about the required academic level at the time of placing your order. Writer will take into account and make sure all instructions are followed. Our service is trusted by customers because each and every writer cares about the result.

Warnings for Plagiarism Free Writing

  • ▻ Do not let grammatical, orthographic (spelling) and punctuation mistakes slip into a text – read it several times.
  • ▻ Do not start reflecting too much, do not overuse jargon words (or it is even better to avoid them at all), do not try to impress a reader using sophisticated words.
  • ▻ Never use dirty words and slang.
  • ▻ Stay on topic and do not repeat the same information several times in a text.
  • ▻ Do not write boring (ask someone to look through your text).
  • ▻ Avoid generalization.
  • ▻ Try to do without clichés and too bold statements.
  • ▻ Do not turn an essay into a joke (it is okay to use humor but bear in mind that your jokes can be misinterpreted).
  • ▻ Do not make excuse but also do not be too arrogant.
  • ▻ Do not complain.
  • ▻ Do not teach the reader how to live.
  • ▻ Do not speak about others.
  • ▻ Try to avoid political and religious matters.
  • ▻ It is not enough just to enumerate your accomplishments, awards, skills or character traits, it is necessary to support everything with appropriate examples.
  • ▻ Remember that essay is not a term paper or an autobiography.
  • ▻ Do not retell your resume (if this is an essay to get a job).
  • ▻ Once again – reread your essay.

The rules of essay writing are quite conditional what gives an author the opportunity to demonstrate his / her creative skills, originality, non-standard and flexible way of thinking, ability to express thoughts in writing, and justify one’s own point of view convincingly. All of that is much appreciated not only by teachers but also by employers. That is the reason why many job seekers are asked to write an essay before an interview, especially when it goes about responsible positions.

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All the rules on essay creation are of recommendatory nature and not binding. If you follow them, your essay will definitely be excellent and reach its goal whatever it is – to get a good grade or impress a prospective employer. Tips on paper creation:

  • It is required to alternate short sentences with longer ones. We have already discussed this issue. It matters a lot. In such a way, a text will be dynamic and easy to read.
  • Forget about using complex and unclear words, especially if you do not understand their meaning well.
  • Use as few as possible general phrases. An essay should be unique, individualized, it should reflect the personality of its author.
  • Humor should be used extremely carefully. Sarcasm and insolence can irritate a reader.
  • Demonstration of a personal experience, memories, and impressions is an excellent way to support your opinion and beliefs of a reader.
  • It is required to stick to the topic and the main idea, stay on it, and not describe excessive details.
  • Having finished a text, it is required to reread it to be certain that the logic of thoughts is preserved throughout the text.
  • Usage of facts and research data is a great way to make your text look more convincing.

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