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Since research paper is one of the most difficult types of academic works, we want to pay some more attention to it.

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Literary every student faces the problem of research paper topic selection and work on it. However, usually a student does not know what to begin with, how to organize properly all the process so that not miss the most important and present everything in correct order. There are so many ideas in the head and you want to write about everything at once but usually it is not possible to conduct research spontaneously without any plan or preparation. That is why even professionals in their fields who have already published many research papers approach the analysis and preparatory work much carefully. That is why our specialists have prepared for you this post dedicated to the work on a research paper and it's stages. Anyway, you should always remember that writers are at your service day-and-night ready to assist you in any possible way.

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What is a research paper?

During the times of discussions if mathematics or literature is science, as well as history or art, there have been formulated a lot of different explanations of the terms «science» and «research». An idea is considered «scientific» if it passes three stages:

  1. Problem setting.
  2. Theory formulation.
  3. Experiment conduction that proves or disproves this theory.

If a work has passed all the mentioned stages, the report on it allows:

  • To see clearly at the solution of what problem this research is directed;
  • To use a theory or analytical model, which was proved during the experiment conduction;
  • To exclude the theory and model disproved during the experiments or analyzing the risks;
  • To use the data about the experiment results when developing other theories and hypotheses.

Research papers can have different nature of results. The results can be as following:

  • reference result. It means that the results of research have brought the data about some particular procedures or materials. For instance, reference result is the indications of physical and mechanical characteristics of some material or characteristics of the quality of a detail got in some particular technical conditions;
  • scientific result. It means that during research some theory has been proved or disproved. A theory can be presented as a got formula or mathematical model that allows getting analytical results with a high level of accuracy;
  • methodical result. It means that during research there have been found the most optimal methods of research, work, and experiments conduction. Optimal methods can be developed as a secondary matter in the process of development of the rational methods of the theory proving.

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Scientific (or academic) research is the directed learning, the results of which are presented in the form of notions, laws, and theories. Speaking about academic research, we usually mention it's following distinguishing features:

This is obligatory a directed process, the reach of a consciously set goals and clearly formulated objectives;

This is the process aimed at the search for something new, for creativity, for the discovery of previously unknown things, for the presentation of extraordinary ideas, as well as the discussion of the earlier ideas in another light;

It has a systematic feature: the process of research and its results are presented as a system.

The stages of research

Any specific research can be presented in the form of the set of stages.

  1. Selection of the topic of research.
  2. Defying the object and subject of research.
  3. Setting the goal and objectives.
  4. Creation of the title.
  5. Development of the hypothesis.
  6. Making a plan of research.
  7. Work with the sources.
  8. Selection of the methods of work.
  9. Organizing the conditions for research conduction.
  10. Research carrying out (material collection).
  11. Processing the results of research.
  12. Formulation of conclusions.
  13. Paper formatting.

Each stage has its goals that are usually solved one by one but sometimes also simultaneously. The experts of site can help at any stage or create a document from scratch for you.

  • 1) The selection of the research paper topic

    This is one of the most important and difficult stages since before choosing a current topic, it is necessary to analyze a lot of scientific sources. The success of work depends on how much successfully you manage to choose a topic. If a topic is not a good one, the work of a student is doomed to failure.

  • 2) Object and subject of research

    Research object is what will be studied. An object can be some process or phenomenon. Usually, the object name is presented in the answer to the question «what is being considered and examined?».

    A subject is a specific problem, some aspects of the object, it's features and characteristics that will be studied in the work.

    The subject is more specific and includes only those connections and relationships that are going to be studied in the work. Usually, the answer to the question «what is studied» contains the name of the subject. It means that an object is something studied and a subject is what studied and scientifically explained in the object. The subject of research defines the topic of research.

  • 3) Goals and objectives

    Based on the object and subject you can proceed to the goals and objectives of research. The goal typically has a brief and maximally precise wording, and its meaning reflects the main thing that a researcher aims to do and what results strives for.

    The objectives specify and develop the goal. The objectives are usually several, each one has clear wording that presents some particular aspect of research.

    Setting the objectives it is necessary to consider their mutual relations. Sometimes it is impossible to solve some objective not having solved another one before that. Every set objective should have its solution reflected in the conclusions.

    The objectives also should be formulated briefly and accurately. As a rule, every objective sounds like an order: «To study…», «to develop…», «to find out…», «to reason…», «to define…», «to check…», «to prove…», etc.

  • 4) Creation of the title

    Having defined the topic and particular objectives, clarified the object and subject of research, there can be created the first variant of the title of work. It is recommended to have a short title that reflects the content of the paper accurately. It is necessary to keep in mind that the title should also reflect the subject of research.

    It is not easy at all to find a full and simultaneously brief wording. Even during the conduction of research there can be new more suitable titles.

  • 5) Development of hypothesis

    Hypothesis is a construction that implies both supposition and the ways of its falsification; it generalizes and predicts the getting of some new facts, as well as systemizes them. Hypothesis is a generalized expression of the strategy of research. Any hypothesis is considered as a starting point for research that can be either proved or disproved.

  • 6) Research plan

    Research plan is the defined program of actions that includes all the stages of work considering the deadlines to cope with them. A plan is required to organize the work properly and give it more purposeful nature. Besides, it makes you more disciplined and motivates to work in a certain pace. In the process of work, an initial plan can be supplemented with more details, enlarged, and changed.

  • 7) Work with sources

    The place of this stage is not strict at all. In fact, the work with sources begins in the process of topic selection and lasts till the end of research.

    The efficiency of work with the sources depends on knowledge of particular rules of their search, appropriate methodology of study and taking notes. Saying «sources» we mean a document that contains some information, such as monograph, article, thesis, book, dissertation, and so on.

  • 8) Research methods

    The method of research is the way of getting, collecting, processing, or analyzing the data. The main criterion for the selection of the research methods can be the objectives. Since the set in the beginning objectives define the ways of their solving, consequently, they defy the choice of the appropriate methods. At the same time it is important to choose such methods that comply with the nature and peculiarities of the studied phenomena.

  • 9) Organization of the conditions for the conduction of research

    Research organization is connected with the planning, which defines the sequence of all the stages of work, and also, it is connected with the preparation of all the conditions that secure complete research. This stage includes the preparation of the appropriate environment, tools, means, informing the assistants about the features of work, monitoring planning, etc.

  • 10) Research carrying out

    At this stage of work, with the help of the selected methods, the author of paper collects the necessary data to check the hypothesis.

  • 11) Processing the results of research

    It is important to process the results of every research right after its end, while the memory of a researcher can give some details that are not written yet but can be essential for the understanding of the matter.

    When processing the collected data it may turn out that you lack some facts or some of them are controversial and cannot be used to formulate the conclusions. In this case, research should be continued adding necessary materials. In most cases, it is better to start processing with the creation of the tables of the got data.

  • 12) Formulation of conclusions

    Conclusions are the statements that briefly express the results of research. In the form of theses, they reflect something new, something that the author of paper has got on his/her own. There is a common mistake when the authors present in the conclusions some commonly accepted in the science statements that do not need to be proved. The solution of every objective presented in the introduction should be reflected somehow in the conclusions.

  • 13) Formatting of work

    The main task of this stage is to present the got results in a clear form that will allow compare them with the results of other researchers, and also, to use them in practice. That is why the formatting of work should correspond to the requirements set for this type of paper. Will Do Research Perfectly for Cheap

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