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How to create a superb resume that will attract the employer’s attention for sure? We gathered several worthwhile pieces of advice for you. Since resume writing is one of the areas in which our experts specialize, we have decided to share practical advice on how to make a creative resume that really works and achieves its goals. Here you will find helpful tips. Our advice in combination with our professionalism will help you get your winning resume. The best resumes, including resumes for college students, are created on our site. Our professionals can do a brand-new resume or edit the one you have. Our prices are low and we provide discounts. Use the chance to get an excellent selling creative resume from the team of specialists.

Without an appealing new resume, you can hardly progress through your professional hire. Of course, there are cases when hiring managers choose candidates only because they are super experienced, but the best decision is to have your resume done by certified professional resume writers. Why? Let's take a look at the following resume writing aspects that matter in your efforts to land your dream job and impress hiring managers!

Why would you need to have a creative resume at all?

Such an approach to resume writing has some drawbacks – not all employers can understand it; you spend time searching for the ideas and bring them to life; you might spend time (and maybe money) promoting it further on the internet; you worry if you are treated as a cool and extraordinary person or, on the contrary, as a dummy. If you are not confident, afraid of criticism, and do not want a lot of attention, it is better to order a standard resume writing service online. Also, bear in mind that a creative resume is not suitable for all specialties and jobs. Posting a link to your LinkedIn profile instead of writing your professional experience is not enough. You need to build your resume. Based on the information shared by our clients, our resume writing service provided by the best resume writers online and strengthened with resume cover letter helps in the search for the job!

While in most cases job seekers do not get hired only because they are not the best writer in creating a new impressive resume or not familiar with the process of writing or cannot find suitable templates or do not add a cover letter to their resume to increase chances for success, there are situations when the job you applied for s not suitable for your career. The advantages of not being hired for a job because your resume did not appeal are the following:

  • The biggest one is that you can see at once the companies that you cannot work for. If people do not like the way of your resume presentation, humor, pictures, they think that “Oh, my God, all this is inappropriate!”, then hardly you would manage to work with them. Thus, before an interview, companies that do not fit you are eliminated, and you save time. That is why, when you decide to make a creative resume, it is recommended to be yourself and not be afraid to add something extraordinary to your resume. If they do not understand it, you know that this is not your team and you know your skills will not be appreciated by company's clients.
  • If you lack experience and need to stand out from other candidates somehow, this is the best option. This is a really good option for college students who often do not have experience at all. If you build a strong resume, have solid presence on LinkedIn, your skills are impressive, your resume and cover letter are aligned, and you pay attention to the job requirements, and resume design is suitable, but you still do not get hired and other job seekers land the offer, you should simply choose another job ad.
  • It increases opportunities. If your resume is noticed in the professional sphere, you will start getting many offers, and you will be the one who chooses, not the other way around. You must admit that it is a lot better. If your resume is done by a certified professional resume writer, you have a better chance to achieve success in your career. It is not easy to find that perfect job and resume writing is not free, but you choose the best if your want to avoid the situation when years of experience and your hard-earned skills are not noticeable through your resume.
  • It brings you new acquaintances in the professional sphere, even if you do not get hired. For example, if your application tracking is not updated for too many days and you are an expert in your area, you should not hesitate to make a call. You may promote your profile on social media and even find many free search tools and different good website that allow posting your resume for free. The times when your resume had to be printed on paper are already in the past. Today, all you need is to land an interview is to get a good resume and cover letter.
  • Employers always prefer more sparkling personalities – everyone wants to work with interesting and funny people, not boring individuals. When you write your resume, pay attention to interesting top templates. Do not the boring white and black templates that offer no space for creativity. Such templates will not add points to your business experience and will not get the attention of the hiring manager. You want to get an interview and the best strategy is to use the template that catches an eye, but in a positive way. You still need to stay in the limits of professional resume writing standards. The design should be interesting, but avoid using funny fonts or irrelevant colors, unless the position is indeed very creative.
  • You can see a better attitude at the interview – people recognize you, smile, ask how it is going, what companies have responded to you, and just tell how great you are. An interview always starts with questions about your unusual resume, and it allows relieving the initial tension. If your career is progressing well, you have years of experience in the same business area, you served many clients on your previous job, and this new job is a logical step for your career success, a hiring manager will initially have a positive attitude toward your application.
  • Other employees also often look at your resume, so the team’s attitude is friendlier from the beginning.
  • It is great fun! Besides, this is one of those few things that you can do completely as you want.

How to make a resume outstanding?

  1. When it goes to creativity, it is difficult to give any advice. You need to look at as many examples as possible and get inspired. When you use the service of a professional resume writer, you need to specify your expectations for resume design. You pay for top result and can expect the writing to match your expectations.
  2. Consider using non-standard platforms and sites: social media, video, banners, your own body, context advertisement, music, meals, a screenshot of your desktop or a game, and so on. By the way, there are even such resumes that look like an online dating profile. You can follow the design of LinkedIn as well. Many job seekers use it to build a strong resume because it allows focusing on skills and years of experience.
  3. Humor is much welcome – a resume should be amusing and interesting. It would be nice if you use some professional humor. However, do not overdo it. The amount of humor is about 10-20% of general information. Take your time to search online for well-written humorous resumes to avoiding making them too irrelevant. If you need help with formatting or resume writing, feel free to chat with us right now.
  4. Stories sell. Say something about yourself, tell about how you have got into this specialty, or what cool things you do/have done in your life – Open Source, conferences, social activities, assistance for kindergarten, even stories from fictional reality work.
  5. In order to make a resume virus, do not forget to make it a bit provocative. For example, you left your previous workplace and went to India for 2 months. Write this fact in your resume if you want to get the reader’s emotions. On the one hand, it may reduce the chances of a candidate, but on the other hand, it increases the possibility to find a really cool company.
  6. It is obligatory to learn and consider general rules and tips on resume writing. Our professional resume writer will help you with this task. We can create a brand-new resume paper for you or fix the one you already have. Contact us anytime for more details. A cover letter is generally required, whereas a link to a Linkedin profile should be included. A good online resume writing service will help you build a career and achieve success in top business companies.
  7. One more tip – do not listen to your friends and parents too much. Listen to yourself because you are selling you, not them. Besides, they are not the target audience of your resume. Keep in mind the image of a person for whom you create your resume all the time and imagine his / her thoughts when looking through your paper. Just imagine that you are a bit telepath. A potential employer should have a clear feeling that your goal is not just “to get employed” but “to work for this very company, to work with this very employer”. Employment is not the final goal but only the beginning of everything.

Tips on creation

Do not make it big. Time spent with a resume should not exceed 2-3 minutes. This is the maximum. If you have a presentation, limit it to 10-13 slides. Our resume writer can help you with making resume shorter with a focus on years of experience and skills.

Avoid long introduction and get to the point at once – people who open your resume already know that you are looking for a job. So there is no need to tell about it. You may create a profile section, but pay more attention to top business experience and the history of success in projects and serving clients. HR wants to see your work experience!

In any case, you need to have a formally written resume. Add a link to a formal resume at the end of your creative one. Also, do not forget about the links to your profiles on professional social media. LinkedIn is a must for all jobs! HR will not hire you if your LinkedIn is defective or does not prove your success. You may know everything you need for your job, but your online presence is the key to success in a job search. You are not expected to be a top candidate online, but you should be there! Moreover, many jobs are posted and it is free to use social media!

Do you need to add a link to your profiles on other social networks? This is a quite controversial issue, so you need to decide for yourself. Nowadays, most companies look through the profiles of their employees on social media, and this is the reason to clean them up. It is usually okay to give the links to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Many companies do applicant tracking and sometimes your career can be boosted not with the help of a resume writer, but rather because you explored the process of growing your presence online. Someone will neglect this opportunity. Someone will not care much, while you can get many jobs in no time!

Resume in English looks more stylish. This tip is mostly for the candidates whose native language is not English. If English is not your native language (and even if it is), show your paper to our specialists. We will edit it and remove all the inaccuracies. Nobody is above making a mistake, and experts are here to fix your resume and polish it so that it can shine. Professional resume writer can easily help you with writing and editing your resume! The service of certified professional writer is not free, but you get a perfected paper. When you buy professional resume writing, you pay for results and receive a brand new resume!

Tips on promotion

  1. The life of a creative resume is not so long. That is why everything you prepare should have an immediate effect. If people see that the same resume wanders from company to company sluggishly for several weeks, it looks like no one needs the owner of that resume. This is not good. Your goal is a bright flash and a hope for a virus effect.
  2. Prepare in advance the list of people whom you can ask to evaluate your resume. You should not ask “write about me” but “evaluate my resume and non-standard approach”. These should be significant people in your sphere and it would be great if you are acquainted with them at least a bit. Contact one or two persons and if they like your resume, ask them to share it. If they do not like it, it means that your resume needs adjustment. Our specialists will gladly help you and correct it professionally. If we fix your paper, everyone will definitely like it.
  3. Make emphasis on quality, not quantity. Social media does not like spam, so try to write every person individually, instead of copy-pasting the same message for everyone.
  4. If you have friends and some of them are the owners or writers of some thematic resources, ask them to write about your resume.
  5. Publish a post in your profiles that you are looking for a job with the link to your resume and ask your friend to like this post.
  6. Contact leading sites in your sphere and in the sphere of the work search. If someone from famous people/websites has already written about you, do not hesitate to mention it in your resume.
  7. Contact foreign sites as well. This is another push for promotion.
  8. If you have some money, you can order context advertising based on the names of company heads or the names of companies you would want to work for.
  9. Do not forget that Twitter is a great helper to share and promote your resume. However, do not spam. Several messages per day are more than enough.
  10. Choose the time to publish your resume carefully.

Make your resume with our help

If you are not sure that you can apply all these tips properly, that is okay. Appeal to our experts, and they will support you with any resume related issue you have. Your success is in your hands, of course, but a certified professional resume writer can speed up the process, create a new resume, and save your time by helping you get the jobs you want! The entire process is very transparent! You can communicate with your expert resume writer, pay for additional services such as thank you letter writing, ask your certified professional to clarify points, and work together on your new resume! An expert is someone who is not only writing your resume but also cares about your career success and devotes full attention to all minor details!

We would like to advise more but it would be better to stop now. If you have any questions, we are willing to answer them all. A creative resume, as well as any other resume created on our site, can bring you the job of your dreams. The least that we can promise is that you will receive dozens of interview invitations. Your resume writer will help with cover letter, suggest other services you may need, focus on your years of experience, and even help you narrow your search on the jobs that match your experience and increase chances for being considered for hire. experts work with many college students and often assist them with their first resume papers. We know how to make an excellent student resume. It does not matter how much experience you have or whether you have it all. Our specialists are well aware of how to turn something that may look negative into positive. We will do your resume selling, and you will get your dream job! We can write your resume and our professional writers will not let you down! Resumes we deliver boost career, while writing process becomes challenge-free for you! Our services are trusted by many clients who choose to pay for reliable service.