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If you are a freshman you have probably heard a new notion for you – a term paper. If you are not a first-year student, most likely, you are perfectly aware of what it is. So what is a term paper? In short, this is a kind of research written by students in the end of an academic term. Usually, it influences greatly the grade that a student gets for some subject. That is why its importance cannot be overemphasized.

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How to start writing a term paper?

There is no secret that one of the most favorite occupations of all the students is to procrastinate and postpone important things. However, with a term paper, as well as any other academic paper, it should not be like this. Do not trust the stories that a good text can be written in a day on one’s own. Do not trust them because there are many stages of work on any paper that usually include its preliminary presentation and discussion with your mentor (or supervisor, or professor, or whomever else).

Another reason for not being naïve is that any paper requires refinement and further development, about which your mentor will definitely tell you. The third reason is that there are cases when a term paper of some particular specialties also implies a practical (or experimental) part. If it is possible to create a theoretical part in just several days (meanwhile our experts can cope with this task in just several hours), a practical part usually requires much more time spending.

So what is the most appropriate time to start creating a term paper? How much time is required to do it?

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Think about everything ahead of time

The most suitable, literary perfect paper creation strategy is a marathon strategy. This is not an exam or a test, for which you can get prepared in a night, not an abstract paper that can be created in several hours. Officially a whole semester is allocated for the creation of this document. Anyway, it is better to think about it in advance, as early as possible. Why so?

The reason is that it is necessary to select the direction of your future research and your mentor. Even if there is no specific topic of your paper (sometimes it can be changed during the process of writing), in general, it should comply with the direction, which you have chosen after careful thinking over the matter. Bear in mind that often term papers become the basis for a thesis paper, or they can even be added as its chapters. That is why it is so much important to pay a lot of attention to it now to facilitate the process of thesis creation in the future, of course, in case if you are going to deal with it. Even if you are not going to write a thesis, term papers can never be neglected.

We have already mentioned that the selection of a mentor is also very important. Take care of it in advance to be sure that your academic supervisor is not only competent and professional but also understanding, cooperative and helpful. That is why you need to pay particular attention to this issue.

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What is your plan, my friend?

It is crucial to calculate and divide correctly the time required to create the whole text, and also do not forget to add several extra weeks to this time in case of force majeure situations.

Term work creation includes the following stages:

  • 1) The selection of topic and general studying of a problem.
  • 2) The creation of a plan (general one first and more detailed later).
  • 3) The collection of information for the theoretical part (take into consideration if there is required the translation of foreign materials).
  • 4) The creation of the theoretical part (as well as its check with the help of antiplagiarism systems and reaching the demanded level of uniqueness, if necessary).
  • 5) The work on the practical part consists of:
    • a) research;
    • b) processing of the materials.
  • 6) The creation of introductory and conclusion parts.
  • 7) The creation of references and title.
  • 8) The check of the references in the text and proof reading.
  • 9) The formatting of the document according to the set standards.
  • 10) Preliminary presentation.
  • 11) Adjustments.
  • 12) The printing of the document (as many copies as necessary).
  • 13) The preparation of a speech for the document defense.

What do you think: can you cope with all this in just a day? Maybe in a week? Think for yourself. In any case, bear in mind that your mentor can make remarks, comments and ask to change something at any stage.<.p>

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How to distribute time correctly to create a good text?

The most optimal distribution of time to get a good text means that:<.>

  • During the first month (or two) you will need to manage to gather all the basic materials for the theoretical part;
  • In a month or two months before the final presentation, you will have your research already conducted;
  • In a month you should have the whole text written;
  • Two-three weeks before the deadline should be allocated for refinement and paper formatting.

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