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How to create a research paper? It is interesting that many students love to discover something new and often experience the desire to put everything in order – to analyze, classify, generalize, draw conclusions, etc. However, when it comes to the creation of a research paper, a lot of them give up. The reason is that they have no idea how to do it. Or they did it previously but due to the lack of knowledge and improper paper creation got a low grade and a lot of criticism. Of course, it can kill any desire to try again. Luckily, you do not need to do it on your own. Our professional research paper writers are here to support and assist you. We will help you conduct research properly and present the result of your work in a correct form. Your paper will be highly assessed with our help, for sure!

Research paper is not that simple as it might seem. For example, essays, abstracts, monographs can be called research papers only partially. The reason is that it is easy to find all the materials you need to do them on the internet. However, be aware of copy-pasting to avoid plagiarism. In this case, our qualified copywriters can assist you. Anyway, let’s return to a research paper and find out what demands for it exist today.

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So here is a beginning researcher, a scientist who tries to organize his / her work. In the very beginning, we have the issue of topic selection. Topic can be defined by circumstances (such as teacher asks to write a paper on a particular topic) or a researcher can be interested in something and willing to study it. If you are free to select a topic, naturally, it would be logic to pick something you are aware of at least a little.

Interest is the main engine of research. It is possible to do a paper without it, of course, but the process of study will be so much tiring as well as the result will be extremely boring. We know from history that the greatest scientists were personalities passionate, enthusiastic, interested, involved, talented, curious, and spiritually gifted. Sometimes they were a bit absent-minded when in everyday life but greatly focused on their work.

The rightest thing is when a beginning scientist wants to present to the world some sphere of his / her personal interest that is of public importance. However, a very young person with a lot of different interests can find it pretty difficult to pick only one particular topic. In this case, a supervisor or just a teacher should help. The right choice of a research topic is half way, and vice versa, the mistake in a topic choice will lead to sad results.

Topic should correspond to the size of a future paper. The size of it is defined by the type of paper. A supervisor usually helps with this issue, in particular tells the exact number of pages required. Different types of research papers logically have different size. Do not forget to clarify it when starting to work on your paper.

If collected material is more than allowed size, it is necessary to cut it, and you can present the rest the next time. For example, you wanted to do a research paper about your village and its neighborhood but during the process of study you realized that you would not manage to keep the allowed paper size. In this case, you can write about a few streets – they can fully transfer the image of a research subject, which is the village. Or the description of a war path of several soldiers can give an idea about the participation in a war of other people.

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So there is a topic, and you start working spontaneously without a plan. However, without it, there the risk of losing the main direction, starting to study something less significant, and making your paper composition imbalanced. That is why any plan should have three main parts:

  1. introduction,
  2. basis,
  3. and closing (conclusions).

Regardless of the type and size of a paper, these parts are obligatory.

Introduction gives the reasons for the selection of a research topic. What were the motives that made an author to choose these very topic, and also, what for and for whom can it be interesting? Basis is the presentation of the essence of a subject – relevant data and facts on the topic, author’s opinion, the results of his / her own study, etc. Closing is the final part, conclusions, without which author’s work may seem unnecessary.

A logic properly built plan is the key for success. However, any research paper hides some risks, which are incomplete planning and overplanning, in this case. There are also two types of the lack of organization – either collected materials are present all together without any order, or everything is excessively ordered. Having a huge house, it is impossible to consider every single tiny thing, and there is no need for this. In the same way, within one paper it is impossible to present everything because our world, phenomena, objects are subject to constant movement and changes. Every researcher has to know and consider this fact. When a plan is valued more than study, a paper becomes unwieldy and cannot react properly to the “wind of changes”. If you study a set of same-type objects or phenomena, study should not look like a dogmatically carefully filled form that looks the same to everyone.

Now a few words about basis. If a selected topic has already been studied previously by other researchers, first of all, it is necessary to present already known facts. It happens sometimes that study can end at this stage. However, there is a difficulty – no one can cover all the materials on the topic, and that is why it is necessary to read the main. In this case, the role of a mentor or supervisor is decisive.

A beginning researcher should have a very critical approach to the selection of literature on a topic. A lot of people are still pretty naïve and continue believing in a complete rightness of a written word. However, this is self-deception. There are researchers who have presented objective data and there are others who are not recognized in the professional circles, do not have authority or are not scientific at all (they just present a pure nonsense and self-made facts).

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Do not think that a research paper requires from a young researcher only correct presentation of well-known facts. If you really have worked on your own facts, ideas and thoughts, it is necessary to compare them with those you have been reading about previously to find out if there are possible contradictions. Maybe, your new work can disagree with the previous ones. If it is so, it is necessary to understand why. Unexpected conclusion made even in a school research paper can lead to a true discovery. Interesting conclusions, noticed regularities are a new step towards world exploring. This is the indicator of an intelligent person who can solve previously “insoluble” problems.

There is another key factor of a well-done winning research paper. Which one? Professional assistance, of course. If you feel confident enough to do a research paper on your own, go ahead! We are sure that you can do anything. However, when it is finished, we strongly recommend consulting with a specialist who can notice and fix some flaws that you have missed or just do not know that it is necessary to correct them.

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