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The time has come… The time to create one of the most serious papers in your student life. You need to write a thesis paper to get a degree, don’t you? You are so lucky because Essay-for.me thesis writers do it better than anyone else! We offer professional assistance with thesis writing and editing. You can order writing from scratch or ask to correct your document. Our specialists will polish your thesis! And the best in all this is that the cost of services is very cheap. Any student can afford to purchase our services, and for this very reason we have many regular customers who cooperate for years with us. The quality of our work is steadily high and prices are steadily low. We will do your thesis and provide you with an outstanding paper! However, the first thing to do is to make it clear what thesis is and what mistakes it would be better to avoid.

What is a thesis?

Thesis paper is one of the types of college papers. This is a document that a student creates when wants to obtain an academic degree. We usually use the word “thesis” when speak about getting a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and when it goes about a Doctorate, we say “dissertation”. However, in some cases, both terms can be used equally. The demands for thesis paper complexity and quality level depend on country, college / university, course / program, and the time allocated for its creation can be different as well. That is why it is very important to specify the demands that your educational establishment has.

Check & Create Thesis Statement Online Competently

Do you know what a thesis statement is? This is a sentence (or several sentences) that presents the basic idea of a research paper, of thesis in particular, in our case. It answers directly the question “what is thesis about?”.

It can be quite difficult to express the idea of a big work briefly. Many students find it very challenging. On our site, we have the experts who specialize in this matter. They will create a perfect thesis statement for your paper that will be accurate and brief. The size of a thesis statement matters a lot, as well as the size of thesis itself. This is something we would like to discuss in more detail.

What size should a thesis paper have?

Thesis is a multipage research paper. Thesis is three-five times bigger compared to abstract, and about twice bigger than a course paper. Naturally, the differences between these types of college papers are not limited to the number of pages only. Thesis paper size varies and depends on the demands of a particular educational establishment. However, it is considered that a usual thesis size is about 60-70 pages. The minimum is 50 pages, and the maximum that will not create any particular problem is about 80 pages. Everything seems clear and obvious. However, this matter requires more in-depth consideration and discussion.

There are several nuances related to the thesis paper, its creation and size, in particular, about which student either do not know or just do not take into consideration. Let’s take a look what they are.

Excess of thesis paper size

For some reason, many students think that the more they write the better grade they will get for their work. Maybe it comes from school where diligence and hard work are appreciated a lot. It is curious that an insufficient thesis size is treated by all students as a problem, meanwhile, when it goes about excess of size, many of them cannot understand what the problem is. “What did I do wrong? On the contrary, I wrote so much!”

You should not think that if you write twice more than required, you are guaranteed to get the best grade. The main goal of thesis creation is not to present millions of facts but to demonstrate the ability to think independently, analyze, and draw conclusions.

No one demands a monograph or doctoral dissertation from a student and, to be honest, you can hardly ever find a monograph among bloated thesis papers. Purposeful increase in size happens when a paper author is not able to pick the main and is carried away by compilation. Usually, guys who literary love their topic suffer from the “compiling syndrome” because they want to tell the whole world as much as possible about the subject of their research.

As a rule, the theoretical part becomes the biggest one because a student simply collects there the pieces of others’ texts, as if it is a piggy bank, and does it thinking that he / she does something good. Imagine: you find a fascinating fact in one’s article or book and you just cannot help but add it to your thesis.

Does thesis need liposuction?

A student who wants to present a huge work needs to understand and memorize a single thing: an overstuffed poodle is not a wolfhound, it is just an overstuffed poodle. Excess material does not improve the quality of thesis and does not contribute to the reach of new conclusions. It is just “obesity” of text. A thesis paper should in athletic shape, what means that there should be only carefully selected facts and conclusions. That is why there is no reason to feel hurt when a supervisor asks to cut the text. Do you feel sorry for the work done? Imagine then that you are a surgeon and you do the liposuction of your thesis in order to create its perfect shape and demonstrate the “slimness” of your thoughts.

It is necessary to suppress the “compiling syndrome” inside you. You need to realize a simple thing – if you have found interesting material in a book, others will also find it in the same book. So do not plagiarize. Only unique thoughts are appreciated. Someone else’s material is just a crutch that you can use to create your own text, and if you can do without it, it would be better not to use it. A thesis paper author should not astonish everyone with the number of already known facts but add something new to the study of a problem.

Thesis paper size varies from college to college. That is why you need to clarify this issue with your supervisor or college administration. Usually, it is about 80-90 pages. Try to stick to these numbers. In some cases, when all the materials are appropriate and the size of paper increases because of empirical study that can be cut in no way, a supervisor can allow increasing the size or using smaller line spacing. However, bear in mind that even if a supervisor allow increasing the size, when you defend your thesis, you will be asked for sure why thesis is bigger than allowed. So you should be ready to give reasons for it.

Stretching the size

Frankly speaking, stretching the size is another serious problem that can lead to the denial of admission to the paper defense. If a topic is studied well, with the authorization of a supervisor, the number of pages can be minimal (there are such topics, about which there is just not enough material at all and it is hard to find something). However, if a topic is studied superficially, it is better to work on the filling of thesis instead of trying to stretch the number of pages by changing paper formatting.

Teachers are well aware of all the students’ tricks. These are making bigger fields and line spacing (sometimes even word spacing), unreasonable division of the text into small paragraphs, ending a paragraph or a chapter with several lines on a new page, as well as the attempts to stretch the size by different formatting of the reference list and references in the text. Also, keep in mind that the number of pages with annexes should not be counted when you count the general number of pages of thesis.

If you really need it, you can carefully change line spacing from 1,5 to 1,6 and add 1 millimeter to the field. It will not give much but can help in some cases. However, be aware: there are such professors who measure the fields with a ruler. So maybe it would be better not to take risks? If you see that something lacks in your paper, appeal to our professionals, and they will check it, fix everything wrong, and add something missing.

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An excellent thesis paper is real, and you can get it from our expert team. Essay-for.me professionals do their utmost to edit a paper with skill, detect and fix the smallest mistakes at all text levels, i.e. grammar, spelling, punctuation, stylistics, vocabulary, and the final touch is document formatting. We polish your paper making it shine so that it can be ready for sale. Now let’s speak some more about what wrong actions can prevent you from creating a super thesis paper.

Incorrect calculation of pages

This mistake is pretty rare because even the laziest and slowest student who decides to do thesis knows how to count them correctly. We are sure that you know this but, just in case, we want to clarify that text can be printed only on one side of a sheet. It is not allowed to print it on both sides. Such a mistake is forgivable for a freshman but a graduate has to know perfectly suchlike things. Nevertheless, it is never bad to repeat something once again – the number of pages in a thesis paper is the same as the number of sheets. The sheets are numerated in thesis.

Not enough size of the main part

One of the most common mistakes of thesis is too small size of its main part. It can happen that the general size of paper is sufficient, let’s say 60-65 pages but the main part is less than 40 pages. In percentage terms, the main part is usually 70-80% of the general thesis size. If it is less than 60%, this is the reason for further refinement. Anyway, there is no need to worry. Send your paper to our expert team, and we will perform all the necessary refinement quickly and professionally.

The ratio of structural elements is of great importance. It is easy to imagine a fifty-page thesis, in which the main part is about 30 pages (there are specialties where it is enough). However, a paper where reference list is about 10 pages and main part is approximately 30 pages does not look good, does it?

Structural elements size ratio

Insufficient size of the main part is the violation of the ration of structural elements size. It will be a disadvantage if you have too big or too small introduction, conclusions, too brief paragraphs and chapters. The structure of a thesis paper implies harmony of composition. For example, one of the common students’ mistakes is the imbalance of theoretical and empirical parts. It is hard to make it 50/50 precisely but it is allowed to make it 2:1 (usually, a theoretical part is bigger but it also can be vice versa). Ration 3:1 can be considered problematic. What to do when there are no instructions about each structure element? You will need to use your logic and a sense of proportion. Or there is a better solution – go to essay-for.me site and order competent thesis writing services for cheap.

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